For Trent and I, estate sales are not all about how much money the company is going to make.  It's about helping a family in a very tough time when they need the most help.  Going through a loved ones things can be very difficult.  Our job is to go through those things for you and box the personal items and sell the rest to help the family.  We love helping others and making a very tough time a little easier. 

Brittany Mathison reviewed Lazy Texan Trading Sales & Auctions —
5 star

September 28, 2016 ·

Loosing someone you love is hard. Really hard. As if coping with the mental, emotional and sometimes the physical part of loosing someone isn't enough, you still have business to take care of. For Christina, Don & I, Jamie and Trent were God sent. They were able to guide us and help us sort through everything. They cared and their main focus was to help us not how much money would go into their pockets. The estate sale went off without a hitch. In a short period of time The Lazy Texan crew had gone through, organized, cleaned, priced, everything that had accumulated in our childhood home (this was no easy task considering there is close to 4,000 sq ft and probably close to 100 years of belongings) and had the sale ready to go. Jamie did a great job at marketing and advertising for the sale. People came from all around to buy stuff. Trent did an awesome job at making sure everything was priced fairly and priced to sell. They treated us fair and never once did we feel cheated. No words can describe our gratitude we have for them and all their hard work.